Calgary Annexation Territory Open Space Study

Client City of Calgary
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

O2 conducted a conceptual study to identify and map networks of future open space within lands north of Calgary that were annexed by The City in 2007. 

The project acquired and summarized data on landforms and soils, wildlife and plant communities, riparian areas and watershed values, cultural and historic resources, and recreational opportunities. The information was integrated to identify ideal locations for green open space networks including important natural, cultural, and recreational landscape elements. The plan concept focused on connectivity through corridors in order to facilitate the unimpeded movement of water, species, and recreational users through the landscape.

The information provided by this project was used to shape future development patterns through the Regional Context Study and Area Structure Plan processes. Implementing the identified green network of open space helped The City of Calgary reduce impacts on biodiversity, watersheds, and aesthetics, while also providing guidance for planners and developers.