Capital Region Geographic Information Services (CRGIS) Spatial Data Demonstration Project

Client Capital Region Board
Location Edmonton | Alberta | Canada

The Capital Region Board (CRB) is a regional organization consisting of 24 municipalities in the Edmonton area. Established through provincial regulation, the CRB is charged with developing a Growth Plan for the vision of the future of the Capital Region, coordinating land use, transit, housing, and GIS services between members. To fulfill these obligations, the CRB worked to develop the Capital Region Growth Plan, which was submitted to the provincial government in April 2009. As part of this Plan, the CRB incorporated a Capital Region Geographic Information Services (CRGIS) strategy, with the goal of developing regional capacity in geospatial data services to support the mandate of the CRB. To assist in the initial phases of the development of the CRGIS, O2 was retained by the CRB to conduct a demonstration project for the CRB to prepare for the upcoming update to the Growth Plan. 

The project includes the development of two distinct sets of mapping products: a Capital Region base map, containing important features and attributes of local geography to provide a basic understanding of planning context, and a Capital Region land use map, which outlines areas according to compiled land use plan information from the CRB members. 

In addition to these deliverables, O2 is coordinating with the CRB to provide an understanding of the capacity and process needs for CRGIS projects. This incorporates discussions with relevant data partners; processes for acquiring, managing, and sharing data; licensing and use restrictions; potential applications of the data; and overall value and cost to the CRB. These results are to be included in a broad report to the CRB, with recommendations as to future directions for the CRGIS program. As part of the project, O2 is also working with the CRB to provide web-based mapping of relevant datasets online for review.