Intermunicipal Pathways + Trails Study

Client City of Calgary | Rocky View County
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

With over 115 kilometres of shared boundary, The City of Calgary and Rocky View County have identified the need for an integrated approach to planning for pathway and trail systems. Following the collaborative planning framework outlined in the Rocky View County/City of Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), The City and County jointly undertook the Intermunicipal Pathway and Trail Study and contracted O2 to complete the Study.


The purpose of the Study was to prepare a coordinated guide to pathway and trail planning, development, and maintenance within the intermunicipal boundary and adjacent lands. Specifically, the Study aimed to; serve as an evaluation and planning tool to foster coordination between municipalities; address pathway and trail connectivity and seamless transition across jurisdictional boundaries; integrate proposed pathway and trail connections within planning documents and proposed developments; identify consistent standards and guidelines for pathways and trails; and provide a framework for implementation, monitoring and updates over time. The Study was developed through a collaborative process with internal and external stakeholders.