Custom Site Furnishings + Graphic Design

Client University of Calgary
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

As Landscape Architect of Record for the University of Calgary, O2 has played a significant role in the transformation of the campus landscape. Unification of landscape elements across the campus were emphasized in order to create a consistent campus identity and brand. O2 developed university-wide landscape standards including custom designed landscape benches and waste receptacles.

 The bench and waste receptacles were developed from conceptual ideas through detailed design and construction drawings. The subsequent prototyping phase was a highly collaborative process between the client, manufacturer, and O2. This allowed for modifications and fine-tuning of elements, ensuring the finished products successfully met the design intent as well as the client’s needs and budget.

O2 also provided graphic design services for the unique four-stream waste system. The graphics were conceived of as a marketing effort to effectively convey the benefits of waste sorting. Imagery, colours, and text make the information recognizable, creating a consistent message that is easily understood by the various users.