Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Management Plan

Client Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture
Location Cypress Hills | Alberta | Canada

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is one of Alberta’s greatest natural assets. It provides recreational and natural landscape amenities to thousands of Albertans and visitors. It encompasses a broad range of natural, cultural, and recreational resources that are important locally, as well as to the broader protected area system of the region. The Park, which is influenced by increasing popularity and changing land use in the region, is at a juncture that requires thoughtful, creative planning, and management. 


The Management Plan, long overdue for revision and approval, provided the opportunity to examine the substantial amount of data created over the years. The information was analyzed, enhanced, and synthesized into a focused, clear, and understandable document that will provide direction to Park managers for years to come. 

The plan adopts an approach that simultaneously considers natural resource stewardship and enhanced visitor experience. This approach includes preserving the park’s recreational opportunities as well as the cultural heritage, ecological processes, and natural services that support them. The plan aims to provide outdoor recreational, interpretive, and educational opportunities that will enhance visitors enjoyment and appreciation of the Cypress Hills environment.