Dale Hodges Park Design

Client The City of Calgary
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

Calgary’s Dale Hodges Park provides highly valued recreational as well as nature enjoyment opportunities for both local residents and regional visitors. The sustainability and future enjoyment of the park, by an increasing population, is dependent on the maintenance and enhancement of existing Bowmont park landscapes as well as its reclamation and restoration. The City of Calgary required a complete design development plan for the Klippert Gravel Pit land, and to develop a plan that integrates the land into Dale Hodges Park. O2 was retained by The City of Calgary to provide the planning requirements for the site.

O2 provided a comprehensive assessment of current conditions that included expert knowledge and state of the art technology to record and assess biophysical and hydrological data. The firm designed land uses and habitat types to balance the values and needs of stakeholders (obtained through a highly engaging approach to stakeholder consultation) with the goals and strategies outlined in the park management plan.

O2 also used an ecosystem goods and services approach to landscape planning and design that replaces the natural diversity of ecosystem patterns, processes and functions through ecological restoration and engineering. The firm’s civil engineers and designers, which specialize in sustainable, low-impact approaches to pathway planning and implementation, provided a sustainable water resource initiative that also served as unique and creative park features. 

The result of this project was the creation and implementation of the Dale Hodges Park Design Development Plan.


Site Plan