Airdrie Ecological Inventory Expansion + Environmental Best Practices

Client The City of Airdrie
Location Airdrie | Alberta | Canada

The City of Airdrie worked with O2 to conduct a study of the ecological inventory in areas being considered for annexation. A combination of fieldwork and GIS analysis was used to identify features of ecological significance such as wetlands, natural corridors and woodland areas. Clusters of ecologically sensitive areas were ranked according to their number, size and diversity. In addition, proximity to existing recreational corridors and threats from development were considered in ranking.

O2 identified over 12 distinct clusters of important ecological features. The final report recommended that the three highest ranked clusters be prioritized for protection and that any annexation of land in those areas use informed development strategies to protect these features while accommodating Airdrie’s requirement for employment and housing growth.

 GIS-Identified Ecologically Significant Areas – Non Weighted Analysis Results

 ESA Ranking Map (Non-Weighted ESA Analysis). Updated to reflect northern annexation area