urban + regional planning

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O2 specializes in land-use planning of rapidly changing and highly valued places. At broad regional scales, O2 creates land-use plans that reflect wise stewardship of the land, while at finer scales, natural and cultural forms provide artistic inspiration for contemporary urban design.

The focus of O2’s planning practice is to shape and build great regions, cities and communities with an uncompromised commitment to public interest, economic vitality, environmental responsibility, creative design and quality of life. Our firm’s planning solutions address a full range of issues contributing to the success and vitality of regions and cities—  from the streetscape contribution of a single parcel of land to the development pattern of an entire city district, from the revitalization of a declining neighbourhood to the stewardship of regional ecological infrastructure.

O2’s interdisciplinary and research-oriented approach to planning considers multiple sectors, scales and jurisdictions (municipal, provincial/state, regional and national). The firm’s planning process focuses on the identification of key desired outcomes, creation of alternative scenarios, assessment of potential impacts, visualization of solutions and development of recommendations, strategies and practical methods for implementation.

Urban + Regional Planning Services

  • Regional Land-use Planning 
  • Metropolitan Regional Growth
  • Strategies 
  • Regional Conservation Strategies 
  • Strategic Frameworks and Visions 
  • Municipal Development Plans (MDP) / Official Community Plans (OCP, OP) 
  • Growth Management Plans 
  • Land Use and Zoning Bylaws 
  • Form-based Codes 
  • Area Structure Plans (ASP) 
  • Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP) 
  • Regional Context Plans 
  • Secondary Plans 
  • Downtown and Centre City Plans 
  • Avenue and Main Street Studies 
  • Transit Oriented Development Plans 
  • Urban Design Guidelines