Client n/a
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada
Status Completed 2016

O2 Planning + Design has been working with the City of Calgary to develop flood mitigation solutions that combine water management needs with unique city building features. At the West Eau Claire Park + Public Realm project, a one-metre-tall flood barrier will double as the structure for embedded upright and lounge seating. An integral part of the upcoming park, floodbenches demonstrate how disaster-preparedness can be integrated into our everyday landscape—while offering Calgarians more social spaces along the river. 




For Park(ing) Day 2016, O2 collaborated with 2Point54 to present an installation that showcases typical and new methods of flood protection. The bean bags represent sand bags typically used as temporary barriers. A section of the floodbench was prototyped for the worldwide Park(ing) Day event by 2Point54, a talented local furniture and product design studio.