Gas Pipeline + Facility Visual Simulation

Client Win Energy Corporation
Location Alberta | Canada

Win Energy Corporation requested O2’s services to visualize proposed expansions to its natural gas extraction and distribution facilities in an area north of Cowley, Alberta. As part of the client’s strategy for public consultation and effects mitigation, O2 produced visual simulations of well sites, well heads, above-surface pipeline connections, and a proposed gas dehydration facility.

O2 used visualization software to produce representations of both the pre-existing landscape and of the proposed facilities. High Resolution colour aerial photography was draped over a digital terrain model. 3D Studio Max was then used to build detailed replicas of Win Energy’s planned wellheads, pipe structures, and central gas processing plant. O2 worked closely with the client, ensuring that the layout and design of the facilities were configured to minimize potential visual impact.

Views from key locations surrounding the proposed windfarm developments were rendered from both ground level and elevated viewpoints, paying particular attention to the potential visual impacts from scenic highways in the area. In addition, O2 produced a fly-over movie following a proposed Win Energy pipeline to highlight the planned facilities in their larger regional context.