Grande Cache Mine Visual Impacts Study

Client Grande Cache Coal
Location Grande Cache | Alberta | Canada

As part of their planning and public consultation process, the Grande Cache Coal Corporation contracted O2 to generate visual simulations of their mining operations near the town of Grande Cache, Alberta. O2 generated visual representations of both the current site conditions, proposed mine expansion and the appearance of the landscape at various stages in the reclamation process.

A LIDAR surface model of the proposed development was fused into integrated with existing terrain data to represent the surface deformations due to blasting and excavating. Representative rock textures and 3D structures were added to the scene and images were rendered from a number of key view points.

Reclamation was simulated by configuring a customized vegetation regeneration ecosystem that was then grown over the disturbed areas of the landscape.

Viewshed models were radiated from the proposed operations area to evaluate the visual impact of the mining from both the town site and areas along Highway 40.