High River Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)

Client Town of High River
Location High River | Alberta | Canada

The June floods in Southern Alberta dealt a serious blow to the Town of High River and deeply affected thousands of residents and a number of businesses in the community. 

Despite extensive damage to their infrastructure, as many as 90 per cent of High River’s businesses are rebuilding. However, the long-term impact has been significant, with some businesses closing or relocating. It is hoped that those who have relocated will return to the town, but longer-term solutions are needed to ensure that the economic and cultural vitality of High River is restored and improved. 


Despite the enormous destruction, rebuilding the downtown provides an opportunity to address the flood risk as well as to improve the area and make it better than it was before the flood. In order to guide these improvements, O2 has been engaged in supporting a detailed Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). Structured around short, medium and long-term policies and implementation strategies, the ARP will guide public and private investment over the next 30 years. Building upon the High River Town Plan and the Growth Management Strategy, the ARP will reaffirm the downtown’s role locally and regionally as an economic, cultural and civic centre where opportunities exist to live, work and play. Emerging from a comprehensive and innovative engagement, the Plan and the ARP process itself, will foster inclusivity, connect people, and provide an opportunity for the citizen’s of High River to assert their collective vision for a sustainable re-energized future.