Intermunicipal Development Plan Biophysical Mapping Study

Client City of Calgary Land Use Planning | Rocky View County
Location CalgaryAlberta | Canada

Coordination of park and open space planning across jurisdictional boundaries is an area that spans the topics of regional planning and park and protected area planning. O2 was retained by The City of Calgary and Rocky View County to conduct a biophysical study of their Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) Review Study Area. The IDP study area typically extends 1 mile into The City of Calgary, and varying distances into Rocky View County to reflect growth corridors, joint planning areas, and river and transportation systems.

O2 conducted land cover mapping and biophysical analyses in the IDP study area. The goal was to ensure that open spaces, river and creek systems, ecologically sensitive areas, and drinking water sources were considered adequately. The scope of work included:

  • Digitizing and mapping land cover for the IDP study area (>500 km²)
  • Analyzing key landscape ecological characteristics, including natural patch sizes, landscape connectivity, and hydrologic functions
  • Combining geographic data to identify the boundaries of nationally, provincially, regionally, and locally significant Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs)
  • Identifying concepts for open space networks and trails spanning the two municipalities