Iron Creek Dam Chute Structure Replacement

Client SCOPE Projects
Location Bragg Creek | Alberta | Canada

Iron Creek is a small ungauged tributary to Elbow River near Bragg Creek, Alberta. The creek has a drainage area of about 12km² and flows eastwards from a foothill ridge in Kananaskis Country through a partly forested and partly agricultural watershed. According to local observations, creek flows vary dramatically from less than 3L/s in dry periods to the 100L/s range during rain storms and spring runoff. 

There are several small impoundments along Iron Creek that were constructed for past agricultural purposes. These include an earthen dam located on the client’s property that is maintained and operated by SCOPE Projects Inc. (SCOPE). Due to flood damage and general age-related weathering, the timber outlet chute structure for the earthern dam required replacement.

To achieve this, SCOPE retained O2 to provide the following services:

  • chute structure integrity assessment
  • hydrology, hydraulic and structural analysis
  • chute structure design
  • regulatory approval support
  • construction administration

The site was under construction during the flooding in June 2013. According to SCOPE, water levels in the reservoir rose about 6ft in 1hour during the peak of the flood. The flooding caused severe erosion around the new chute structure and breached the dam. O2 provided design and construction administration support for the required repairs.