King Edward Arts Hub + Incubator

Client cSPACE
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

O2 was retained by cSPACE Projects, a non-profit real estate enterprise, and Calgary Arts Development to support the development by preparing and guiding a successful application for land use re-designation and an Area Redevelopment Plan amendment through The City of Calgary’s approvals processes. 

The client’s concept for the site redevelopment was both highly unique— the first art incubator of its kind in Calgary—and highly complex. Centered on the adaptive reuse of the King Edward School heritage building, the site concept entailed a mix of residential, live/work, and gallery spaces. O2 worked with stakeholders and city planners to draft several specialized land use bylaw districts capable of accommodating the desired programming in a form consistent with the concept, while also ensuring that access and servicing for any new construction would be feasible.

O2 is currently providing landscape architectural, stormwater management and development permit approval services for the project as the first phase of development progresses through design and CPAG approval processes. The concept for the site is based on exploring the cultural and natural overlays that exist on the site. The history of the school and its repurposing provide inspiration for flexible exterior spaces and informed the material treatment for the municipal reserve and woonerf laneway. Based on King Edward VII’s tartan, the green space and woonerf represent the cultural overlay, which is peeled back to reveal the underlying natural landscape native to this location. In this project, sustainable design features prominently from the capture and reuse of roof water for irrigation to vehicle charging stations and native plant material.


Site Plan