Landscape Architecture Motif Concept Design – Grasslands National Park

Client Parks Canada
Location Saskatchewan | Canada

Grasslands National Park is one of Saskatchewan’s greatest assets as it is the only National Park devoted to protecting and presenting a ‘prairie’ ecosystem. The Park encompasses a broad range of natural, cultural, and recreational resources that are particularly unique and important locally, as well as to the broader protected area system of the region.

O2 developed the Landscape Architectural Motif Concept Design to guide the composition of park amenities such as signage, furnishings, and shelters. Taking inspiration from the landscape of Grasslands National Park, the design emphasizes the use of local materials, constructability, durability, and ease of maintenance. The approach simultaneously considers natural resource stewardship and enhanced visitor experience. This approach includes preserving the park’s recreational opportunities as well as the cultural heritage, ecological processes, and natural services that support them.