Landscape, Biodiversity + Watershed Indicator Review and Assessment

Client Cumulative Effects Management Association (CEMA)
Location Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo | Alberta | Canada

The Cumulative Effects Management Association (CEMA) and the Landscape & Biodiversity Subgroup retained O2 to conduct the Landscape, Biodiversity, and Watershed Indicator Review and Assessment for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in northeastern Alberta. The project contributed to an overall framework for cumulative effects management and monitoring in the Oil Sands Region of Alberta. 

CEMA selected environmental and resource management objectives for the Oil Sands Region. O2 conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of indicators used to quantify the effects of development and resource use on biodiversity and watershed integrity in the region.

A hierarchical system of indicators was required to measure biodiversity at multiple spatial scales and at different levels of biological organization (landscapes, ecosystems, species, and genetics). O2 provided recommendations regarding the most appropriate and concise list of indicators that would enable CEMA to meet its objectives.