Landscape Planning for the Sullivan Natural Gas Field Development + Pipeline

Client Petro-Canada
Location Eden Valley | Alberta | Canada

The development plan for the Sullivan and Savanna natural gas field takes the unique approach of conducting broad scale regional landscape analysis and environmental modelling as part of the preplanning for the project. Planning is continuing on a full project wide basis and not piece meal, well-by-well. Petro-Canada retained O2 to lead these efforts and to guide the development of the resource in a sustainable manner using regional landscape modelling and analysis as planning tools. The objectives of the landscape modelling were to:

  • Understand a range of issues in order to reduce environmental impacts and to inform environmentally sensitive planning
  • Engage stakeholders in a meaningful and understandable manner that considers the full range of values in the area
  • Coordinate and support finer scale environmental assessment work in order to reduce redundancy, costs, and ensure consistency of assessment methods
  • Integrate environmental planning into the construction planning and project delivery systems of Petro-Canada and to demonstrate Petro-Canada’s commitment to environmental stewardship

Consultation has been inclusive and has taken place throughout the planning and development process. Dialogue with the full range of government, First Nation, NGO, and local stakeholders will continue throughout the project implementation. A range of environmental, economic, land use, stakeholder, visual, engineering, and operational considerations were developed from the consultations and used to guide the design of the project. This is the largest project of a IL93-9 EUB undertaking in the guideline area.