Calgary's Fire Station 1 re-opens rooftop green space to the public

"Calgarians living, working and playing downtown can once again enjoy the green space above Fire Station 1 with the re-opening of the Rooftop Plaza.

At 450 1st St. S.E., the plaza is accessible via the Plus-15 bridge from the Telus office building to the Delta Calgary Downtown, through the second floor of the hotel, and from the stairwell next to Baker House.

Having green rooftops and plazas, said Coun. Druh Farrell, is an important part of a vibrant and environmentally friendly downtown.

'They provide diversity for pollinators and for birds and they provide an oasis from a really busy downtown … We have hundreds and hundreds of orphaned spaces throughout our downtown, and if we just saw opportunities like this one and transformed them, we’d be the best city in the world.'"

Watch the CBC's video and read the full Metro article to learn more about O2's latest green roof project.


Photo by Evelyne Asselin/CBC.