Doug Olson invited to act as guest editor for LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES

The CSLA editorial board recently invited our President + CEO, Douglas Olson, to act as guest editor for the Spring issue of LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES: big large. Doug assembled an accomplished group of professionals to share their insights on the importance of scale from varying perspectives and regions.

Contributors include Kongjian Yu, founder of the Beijing-based firm, Turenscape; Jim Thomas, Senior Advisor at HTFC Planning & Design; Holly Richardson of the Halifax Regional Municipality; Geoff Smith of the City of Edmonton; Peter Williams of the BC Ministry of Forests; and Carl Steinitz, Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture and Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Topics range from ecology and parks management to emerging technologies— all emphasizing the role of landscape architects in the planning, design and management of large-scale lands. 

At the broad scale, there is never one author, and landscape architects continue to find innovative ways of involving multiple actors in the creation of large landscapes."

– Douglas Olson

For the complete issue click here