Okotoks Comprehensive Growth Strategy

Town of Okotoks
Location Okotoks | Alberta | Canada

The Town of Okotoks Growth Study and Financial Analysis presents the results of an assessment of land needs for the Town to support responsible, sustainable growth into the future. Although Okotoks has worked to maintain a limited growth model for a population of 30,000 to 35,000 through their 1998 Municipal Sustainability Plan and Municipal Development Plan (MDP), this population cap was lifted in September 2012 in response to increased population growth in the Calgary region and greater development pressure in surrounding areas. This change required the Town to develop plans to address new demand through managed growth. 

The Town engaged O2 Planning + Design to prepare a Growth Study, considering a 60-year planning horizon, to provide a foundation to guide future development in a way that minimizes infrastructure costs, protects the natural environment, and nurtures a broader sense of community. This work considered future shifts in regional and local demographics, social needs, and infrastructure requirements, as well as the need to meet obligations for development defined under the Town MDP and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan. 

To accommodate additional growth within the community, O2 Planning + Design prepared a Future Growth Concept for the Town. The assessment of the suitability of surrounding lands focused on two keys factors: environmental vulnerability and development priority. Required updates to municipal infrastructure, including potable water, sanitary sewer, and transportation systems, were identified. A fiscal assessment was also completed.