Parkdale Townhouses

Client Brookfield Residential
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada 


Once a vacant lot, a unique riverfront property has broken the mold of its single-family suburban setting to introduce density, walkability, and resiliency to the Calgarian community of Parkdale. O2 Planning + Design’s expertise navigating the rezoning and development approval process has allowed the underutilized site to set the stage for a bold array of townhouses, setting an important precedent for planning in line with the City’s greater environmental, economic, and social goals. O2 was contracted by Brookfield Residential in 2014 to provide professional consulting services for the site; the team facilitated the municipal land use amendment and development permit approval processes for rezoning. 

The lot was redesignated from an outdated RC-2 zoning to a Direct Control (DC) land use that would permit comprehensive development of townhouses on the site. 


In contrast to the traditional approach, where land use amendments and development permit applications are kept separate, O2’s ability to combine the two processes resulted in expedited approvals and significant cost savings. The resulting zoning represents forward-thinking solutions to planning in a complex urban context, shaping a more compact form and stimulating economic growth while respecting community character and a sense of place. The development also improves accessibility and encourages sustainable transport, minimizing future impact on the natural environment and resources.