Edmonton Open Space
Master Plan

Client  City of Edmonton
Location  Edmonton | Alberta | Canada

Building on the City’s past successes, such as the protection of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, outstanding attractions, and an extensive trail network, the Edmonton Open Space Master Plan (OSMP) is a high profile project that will build upon the City Vision and the suite of strategic documents known as “The Ways”.

O2 is leading the OSMP team to provide public and stakeholder engagement, research and analysis, facilitation and mediation, and high-level open space policies that approach the city’s open space assets as systems, rather than fragmented pieces. The goal is for the Master Plan to embrace the diversity that several types of neighbourhoods bring to Edmonton. The plan will include strategies and an action plan for both mature and new neighbourhoods, while considering the specific characteristics and potentials of each type. This will ensure that elements work together at all scales to form a connected, integrated, and high- functioning open space network.

The OSMP will be a 30-year Master Plan, integrating strategies in many areas such as recreation, ecology, transportation, and drainage. O2 aims to plan open spaces in a new way, encouraging collaborative methods to meet multiple municipal objectives across departments within the City’s organizational structure. The focus of the study area is city-wide, emphasizing collaboration with neighbouring municipalities to create an Open Space Network that is regionally integrated.

For more information, please visit the City of Edmonton's website