South Calgary Urban / Rural Fringe Biophysical Mapping Study

Client The City of Calgary Land Use Planning + Policy
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

O2 was retained by The City of Calgary Land Use Planning and Policy to conduct a biophysical study of south Calgary’s urban/rural fringe. The purpose of the study was to help inform long-range future planning and intermunicipal planning and coordination. O2 conducted high-resolution land cover mapping and a range of biophysical mapping and modelling exercises for the 102 km² study area, which contains the Bow River Valley System, Pine Creek, and a variety of wetland, shrub, and forest ecosystems interspersed with agricultural and urban land uses. 

The scope of work included: 

  • Digitizing and mapping land cover for the study area (102 km²), including ground truthing 
  • Modelling and analyzing key landscape ecological characteristics, including natural patch sizes, landscape connectivity, and hydrologic functions 
  • Mapping and analyzing soil types, major landforms, and related development constraints 
  • Overlaying and combining GIS data to identify the boundaries of Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs)