Sean McMahon

AALA Associate

Sean is an intern landscape architect with over six years of experience designing and managing projects for parks, open spaces, and urban realm improvements. His work employs creative problem-solving for a broad range of public places.

Having taken part in projects ranging from institutional urban design to vast environmental conservation and trail projects, Sean approaches all scales and forms of design with enthusiasm. He prepares thoroughly detailed assemblies for both built and natural environments, and has extensive management experience in the field. He continually encourages the application and awareness of native plants and permaculture in design, emphasizing best practices in Low Impact Development (LID) techniques. Invariably, Sean utilizes his skills as an artist to compose a unique environment reflective of the character and history of place. 

His breadth of constructed projects across Alberta supply him with lessons learned in the field that prove beneficial to the efficient design of future projects, resulting in a keen attention to detail from concept to construction establishment.

Sean holds a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph, as well as a Diploma in Landscape Architectural Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is an associate member of the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects.