Shane Budish

Associate OALA + ASLA

Shane holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto and a double major in MIT Communications and Multimedia Design and Production from the University of Western Ontario. His current interests lie within an interdisciplinary approach to large scale remediative projects. While at UofT, Shane was educated with a variety of studios and disciplines that allowed him to approach projects from a unique standpoint.  His previous work includes coastal remediation initiatives, habitat restoration that counters as a saline mitigation strategy and infrastructure recycling, hurricane adaptation planning, as well as landscape engineering and structural intervention.  Shane believes in an interdisciplinary approach to all elements of design and remediation and he hopes to bring a unique perspective and energy to all his participated projects at O2.

His Master’s thesis looked at the constant deterioration of coast lines and mangroves in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam and derived a process for remediation by re-defining the agricultural methods used to cultivate shrimp in the region.  By doing so, flooding can be drastically reduced in the volatile farming region and new income can be generated to support farmers and local residents through a cyclical phasing process.  He is currently continuing his research and is planning more site visits to the Mekong with his research constituents in order to further rehabilitate this rich and vibrant part of the world.