Zach Morgan

Landscape Designer

Zach holds a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture from  Pennsylvania State University. His studio research focused on utilizing green infrastructure techniques and performative landscapes to address urban vacancy issues in postindustrial cities in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Zach has over four years of professional experience working in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Civil Engineering firms throughout Philadelphia and South Florida. His recent works include the Philadelphia Zoo’s Intermodal Transportation Master Plan, the redevelopment of the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the Philadelphia Water Department’s Green Streets program, and the evaluation of sites to be included in the Philadelphia Water Department’s Stormwater Management Enhancement District program.

He brings with him a passion for creative sustainable design solutions combined with experience in large and small scale green infrastructure design and implementation. His work has been recognized by the Architecture League of New York, the Philadelphia Center for Community Progress, the Philadelphia City Parks Association, and has been exhibited at the Museum of The City of New York.