Trail Signage + Connectivity Analysis

Client Town of Wainwright
Location Wainwright | Alberta | Canada

The Town of Wainwright initiated O2 to undertake an evaluation and revitalization of its current trail system and corresponding signage program. The signage and connectivity analysis document was developed to provide a clear framework for the implementation of a signage hierarchy system, ensuring that the public will recognize the proposed trail system as a continuous and distinct resource for The Town of Wainwright. As part of Wainwright’s unique identity, it was important for the signage to be representative of the diverse character of the place by providing a consistent message that effectively brands The Town of Wainwright Trail and Pathway System. Another the key element within the scope was to create a cohesive trail strategy that connects all of the areas of the town while providing recreational, wayfinding, and interpretive amenities. The Town of Wainwright has many key historic landmarks and nodes throughout the town as well as a variety of nature areas, manicured parks, and multi-use sport facilities. 

By implementing both the elements within the signage hierarchy and the connectivity strategy, The Town of Wainwright will offer their citizens and recreational users a connected trail system which showcases the many recreational, historical, and environmental features while unifying the different areas of the Town of Wainwright where there was previously disconnect.


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