University of Calgary Landscape
Master Plan

Client University of Calgary
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada
Status Completed

As the University of Calgary has grown in size and influence, so too has the need to ensure that the campus retains and enhances its sense of place and commitment to environmental and economic sustainability. In light of these demands, the University initiated the development of a Landscape Master Plan (LMP) to guide sustainable landscape design and planning suitable to an urban context. The University of Calgary LMP is intended to help reshape the campus into a model sustainable landscape that is responsive to the environment, regenerative in nature, and is an integrative part of a healthy community. 


Using the LMP as a practical road map for future development, the campus landscape is intended to serve as the organizing framework and connective fabric that links people, the university, and the larger community through a hierarchy of spaces and circulation networks. The LMP addresses the campus as a set of distinct precincts, describing the individual academic or operational emphasis, spatial characteristics, specific issues and opportunities for each precinct. An open space typology framework sets out guidelines for the future development and redevelopment of campus open spaces, while different mobility types are considered to define the spatial requirements and character of various circulation routes across campus. Lastly, sustainable landscape strategies were established to guide future design and construction practices, operations and maintenance methodologies. Holistic in nature and flexible in approach, the University of Calgary Landscape Master Plan serves as a practical and lasting guide to a more sustainable and vibrant campus and community. 


Site Plan