Blakiston Park Fly-Through

Published April 2015

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Blakiston Park is a key central element within the Brentwood Community. The park's use and enjoyment by the surrounding communities will increase as development in the surrounding area intensifies and transforms into a Transit Oriented Development (TOD). The following video was prepared by O2 Planning + Design Inc. for The City of Calgary Parks as part of the Blakiston Park Design Development Plan.

Geodesign for the City Region - Three Scales, Three Approaches

Published June 2014

Douglas Olson, President, O2 Planning + Design, presents the case that geodesign holds great promise for addressing the complex and interrelated issues associated with growth in the city region, but it will require a nested hierarchy of scales approach. Real issues and real on-the-ground projects are discussed using everything from Marxan to dashboards to CityEngine.

St. Patrick's Island Design Competition

Published 2013

O2 Planning + Design Inc. was one of three finalists in the Design Competition for St. Patrick's Island Design in Calgary, Alberta. The design’s key focus is the celebration and expression of our innate connection with nature. The design uses the exploration of the natural systems of the island and Bow River to inform and mold the functional components and aesthetic themes. The island becomes a place of amazement, learning, refreshment, and benefit to all generations. It expresses a strong sense of reciprocity with nature. People require regular interaction with nature in order to maintain their physiological and psychological health. This approach to design has, in recent years, been described as biophilic. The Confluence takes a restorative design approach that provides positive human connections to high-quality natural environments in an inventive and often playful manner. At the same time, it attains serious and important environmental and biodiversity objectives.

Esri GeoDesign Summit - GeoDesign Approach to Land Use Planning and Urban Watershed Management

Published 2012

Presentation given by Dr. Douglas Olson of O2 Planning + Design Inc. at the 2012 GeoDesign Summit. Video courtesy of Esri.

Sullivan Natural Gas Field Development Visualization

Published 2012

O2 Planning + Design's visualization of a gas field well pads, roads and pipelines. The development plan for the Sullivan and Savanna natural gas field takes the unique approach of conducting broad scale regional landscape analysis and environmental modelling as part of the preplanning for the project. Planning is continuing on a full project wide basis and not piece meal, well-by-well. Petro-Canada retained O2 to lead these efforts and to guide the development of the resource in a sustainable manner using regional landscape modelling and analysis as planning tools.