Alberta Recreation + Tourism
Features Inventory

Client Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation
Location Alberta | Canada

On behalf of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation (ATPR), O2 designed and populated an inventory of recreation and tourism features within the North Saskatchewan Land-Use Framework (LUF) Region. The Alberta Recreation and Tourism Features Inventory (RTFI) was initiated as part of the LUF mandate to ensure that Albertans enjoy continued access to a diverse range of recreation activities throughout the province. Mapping the features that provide opportunities to engage in tourism and recreation activities allows planners to consider those activities in the land-use planning process.

The RTFI was developed based upon existing inventories and tailored to ATPR’s requirements for an inventory that would contain both recreation and tourism features. The development process included the review of existing inventories from jurisdictions in Canada, the United States, and internationally, at all levels of government. 

Deliverables of the project included the RTFI GIS database populated with recreation and tourism features for the North Saskatchewan LUF Region, PDF maps showing the location of all features, a detailed report on the processes used to create an RTFI for the North Saskatchewan, and a Procedures and Standards Manual for the application of the RTFI process in the remaining LUF regions. 

Following completion of the North Saskatchewan pilot, O2 populated the RTFI for three additional LUF regions - the Lower Athabasca, the Upper Athabasca, and the Upper Peace. ATPR and O2 also engaged county and municipal government representatives in a series of workshops intended to introduce the RTFI concept and validate the data contained in the RTFI.