O2 engages the community with award-winning, proven techniques. We believe that meaningful input and widespread support for policies and plans requires interesting, relevant and transparent consultation and engagement processes. Our dynamic, informative and productive toolbox of in-person, on-site and digital methods include online crowd sourcing, interactive mapping and survey tactics. O2 designs and delivers innovative engagement plans that are tailored to specific audiences and project requirements. We believe that all stakeholders and residents should have a role and a stake in developing visions for their communities, and our team is skilled at providing venues for participants to discuss their issues and concerns openly and honestly. 

Our team also offers a suite of services that extend the scope of engagement to include interactive experience and media, signage and wayfinding, and web and video design and development. We provide brand building strategies, storytelling narratives, clear technical writing, unforgettable events and expertise in multimedia and new media to support all aspects of public and stakeholder communication.

O2 is a member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and follows the highly regarded IAP2 protocols.