Cochrane Open Space Master Plan

Client Town of Cochrane
Location Cochrane | Alberta | Canada

The Town of Cochrane is a vibrant and rapidly growing community located along the Bow River at the footsteps of The City of Calgary. Cochrane recognizes the benefits of a well planned open space system, the need to protect its investment in parks and open space, and the importance of planning to meet future growth needs. The Cochrane Open Space Master Plan (COSMP) is a strategic plan that will guide the development, management, provision, and resourcing of Cochrane’s open spaces for the next 20 years. The COSMP was developed through a collaborative process with the community and stakeholders to ensure that the Town’s open space system reflects their needs and aspiration.

Using an innovative approach that looks beyond standard service ratio, a composite value level of service (CVLOS) was undertaken to comprehensively identify the level of service. The CVLOS uses a spatially-explicit inventory and mapping process in a geographic information system (GIS) to identify how well Cochrane’s areas are served by open space.

The Plan recommended an open space, pathway and trail typology, articulated clear policies, defined future growth needs and identified short, medium and long-term strategies and actions to help Cochrane meet their needs. The second phase of the project focused on the preparation of a concept plan for the development of a riverfront park that meets both short and long-term community needs identified in the COSMP.


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