Field Community Plan

Client Parks Canada
Location Yoho National Park | British Columbia | Canada

The village of Field is a Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site, and is dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. Based on its unique location within a National Park, O2 was charged with the development of a community plan that ensured the park’s ecological integrity and cultural resources were not undermined by development and tourist activities identified for the town.

Using detailed graphic design and specific development parameters, O2 defined what kind of development was acceptable, how much development was possible, where it could occur, and how it might look. 

The relationship between the village and its surroundings, as well as strategies for the protection of the community’s unique culture, prevailed throughout the planning process. The comprehensive use of “before-and-after” graphics provided an effective means for public understanding and acceptance of the proposed plan. The resulting plan provides park and community decision makers with a clearly defined set of guidelines, design strategies, and regulations to provide effective future decision-making.