Greenfield Tool Box +
Workshop Program

Client Calgary Regional Partnership
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

The Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP) provides an overarching, long-term regional vision and policy framework to guide development throughout the Calgary region, and guides the extension of key regional services to support these goals. The CMP focuses on environmental concerns, the development of more affordable compact settlement patterns, and the efficient delivery of services for the Calgary region. As part of the CMP implementation strategy, the CRP is completing a series of ‘tool boxes’ on topics critical to the success of the plan. Recognizing that greenfield expansion is the primary form of new development in the Calgary region, the CRP engaged O2 to create the first in a series of toolboxes, the Greenfield Tool Box. 

The tool box document is a compilation of best practices, planning and design tools, and implementation mechanisms that can be used to apply the vision of the Calgary Metropolitan Plan to development throughout the region. 

The Greenfield Tool Box is targeted specifically at intensification strategies for new compact urban nodes. It describes the development of liveable, place-responsive, and compact greenfield communities, and examines innovations in design, engagement, and policy as ways to manage change in a manner consistent with the Calgary Metropolitan Plan.