Nose Hill Park

Client City of Calgary Parks
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

Nose Hill Park, located in Calgary’s Northwest, is a unique urban park that covers approximately 1,129 hectares of land. The park is the largest urban park in Canada and contains the largest reserves of native fescue grasslands in Calgary. Currently, heavy and unrestricted usage of the park has led to increased levels of trail proliferation, landscape fragmentation, and damage to the natural environment. For this reason, The City of Calgary Parks department retained the expertise of O2 to develop a trail and pathway plan for the park.

The O2 project team was responsible for: the review of the parks environmental and historical resources, summary of key policies and plans affecting planning decisions, development of planning and design criteria, current use trends and issues analysis; public engagement through stakeholder meetings and public open houses; development of trail and pathway options; and selection of a preferred option for the park.