Num-Ti-Jah Lodge Development Masterplan

Client Num-Ti-Jah Lodge
Location Banff National Park | Alberta | Canada

The Num-Ti-Jah Lodge Development Masterplan proposed redevelopment of one of Banff National Park’s most environmentally sensitive and culturally significant sites. Situated in a spectacular setting adjacent to the Icefields Parkway, the lodge is a well-known tourist destination. During tourism peak season, the lodge receives over 3,500 visitors per day. Unfortunately, the popularity of the destination has taken its toll on the site and surrounding environment, and extensive damage has occurred to the area surrounding the Lodge and the shoreline of Bow Lake. Additionally, there is a pressing need to expand the level of amenities currently offered by the lodge operator. O2 was retained to develop a masterplan that would be used to guide redevelopment of the site, improve overall visitor experience, and uphold the mandate of Parks Canada.

The process began by providing an assessment of the existing conditions, and identifies critical issues to be addressed. Following this, an overall site plan provides a vision for the area – including new guest accommodations, a day use facility, café, public washrooms, and staff accommodations. Significant improvements to the grounds are proposed, including: reorganization of vehicular circulation, expansion of pedestrian pathways, and construction of new interpretive alpine gardens and outdoor terraces. Significantly disturbed areas of the site are slated for reclamation. The masterplan has successfully established a long-term vision for the area that not only meets the operator’s need for expansion, but also protects the area’s rich cultural heritage, and makes improvements to the sensitive alpine environment.


Site Plan