Airdrie Civic Centre Master Plan

Client  City of Airdrie
Location  Airdrie | Alberta | Canada

Airdrie has grown 30 per cent to almost 50,000 residents in just four years. The City predicts it will see a further 75 per cent growth over the next decade. Based on this projection, the City of Airdrie retained O2 to create a comprehensive Civic Centre Master Plan. 

The key objectives of the Master Plan were to create a future civic centre that includes City Hall, a library, commercial retail and office space, open gathering space, potentially some residential space, and parking solutions. Through the Master Plan, the City aims to achieve high standards in urban design, planning and sustainable development, and contribute to the image of Airdrie as a community.

The Master Plan provides the spatial layout, integration and scale of the Civic Centre, accompanied by options to phase individual components of the development over time. The Master Plan also provides guidance for more detailed design and architectural plans for each phase of development. The phasing anticipates full development of the civic centre over a 10-year time horizon, and also identifies future demand for civic space beyond that time. The Master Plan also includes a Commercial Retail Feasibility Study and a Financial Analysis. The Commercial Retail Feasibility provides a full understanding of the potential scale, costs, and revenues associated with the Civic Centre, and identifies the downtown’s capacity for additional commercial, retail and office space, as well as residential elements . In addition to cost estimates, the Financial Analysis provides information about potential available funding sources for each component within the Master Plan.