Bowmont Park Management Overview

Client City of Calgary, Parks
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

Bowmont Park is one of Calgary’s largest natural areas, stretching more than four kilometers along the north bank of the Bow River. Due to its ecological significance as part of Calgary’s river valley system, Bowmont Park is classified as a major natural area. The park is a city-wide resource, with a moderate to high environmental sensitivity that continues to be an important source of habitat diversity for wildlife.

O2 is currently working with The City of Calgary to review park use
and resource management in the area, as well as associated policies and legislation. The resulting summary report will provide sustainable recommendations for Bowmont Park’s future, balancing recreational use with conservation and protection.


This includes reviewing the history and understanding the significance of the park; meaningful recommendations that meet the needs of current users must also respect the area’s natural history. O2 is also working closely with with The City of Calgary’s Engage Resource Unit for public engagement and communication, to ensure local communities have a say in the future of this valuable resource. 


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