Red Deer Integrated Watershed Management Plan: Background Technical Reports

Client Red Deer Watershed Alliance
Location Red Deer | Alberta | Canada

The Red Deer Watershed Alliance is undertaking a series of Background Technical Reports to support the development of its Integrated Watershed Management Plan. These reports establish a series of indicators and targets (objectives) specific to the issues facing this watershed. O2 undertook comprehensive research and writing of two Background Technical Reports addressing outcomes, indicators, and draft targets for indicators. The first report related to land use (including relationships to surface water quality), riparian areas, and wetlands. The second report addressed surface water quantity and groundwater resources (quantity and quality). This was supported by GIS analyses and maps.

O2 also attended public and stakeholder workshops to answer questions, and assisted with guiding the process and coordinating and framing materials for the Project Management Unit and the board of the WPAC. The work was very well received by the WPAC.