North Telford Recreational Lands Concept Development

Client City of Leduc
Location Leduc | Alberta | Canada

The North Telford Recreational Lands comprise a 31-hectare area of high quality forest, wetland and riparian habitats on the north shore of Telford Lake, in Leduc. Prior to being purchased by the City of Leduc, the land was historically used as a gravel pit and an informal area for biking and off-road vehicle use.  

O2, in collaboration with RC Strategies and the City of Leduc, conducted stakeholder and public engagement, as well as a context and market assessment, to collect information about current use of the park lands and opportunities for growth and development. O2 conducted a rigorous analysis of the site, including mapping several kilometers of existing trails, and developed a concept plan that reflects the public desire to preserve natural features of the site, minimize development, and provide a range of outdoor recreational activities in a natural park setting.  

The concept plan includes a variety of trails, a mountain bike terrain park, a naturalized playground and adult challenge zones, as well as amenities to support these activities such as road access and parking, a washroom and picnic shelter. Interpretive opportunities surrounding plane spotting (the site is located under a main flight path for the Edmonton International Airport), site history, plant identification and look-out points will also be developed. The North Telford Recreational Lands will remain a naturalized tree stand park as the community continues to develop and will provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy non-motorized recreation within their own community.