Schulich School of
Engineering Expansion

Client University of Calgary
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

To address an urgent need for academic space within the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Calgary has committed to a large-scale renovation and expansion of the existing Schulich School of Engineering complex. The LEED Gold targeted expansion project is focused on providing modernized classrooms, student laboratories and cutting edge academic research facilities to students, staff and faculty. In addition to providing much needed academic learning and research space, the project also provides interior and exterior social spaces designed to enrich the student experience within the Faculty of Engineering. 

Using ‘Engineering on Display’ as a departure point for the landscape design, the project incorporates elements ranging from a diversity of engineering disciplines — civil, structural, geotechnical, electrical and geomatics engineering. This includes: 

  • Extensive use of bioswales and infiltration beds to improve stormwater quality, decrease runoff, and provide short-term detention

  • The use of non-potable process water for irrigation to reduce potable water consumption

  • Construction of bio-engineered mechanically stabilized earth walls to eliminate the need for unsightly concrete retaining walls

  • Installation of geomatics monuments and stormwater flow monitoring devices that not only act as focal points within the landscape, but also act as teaching tools for professors within the Faculty of Engineering

These Engineering on Display elements, interwoven within high quality outdoor amenity plazas, gathering spaces and seating areas, instill the Schulich Engineering landscape with a sense of place that reflects the unique identity of the Schulich School of Engineering.