Shaw Communications
Corporate Campus

Client Shaw Communications
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

O2 is providing landscape architecture and civil engineering services for Shaw Communications in the development of a corporate campus in Calgary, Alberta. The design aims to achieve an integrated and sustainable landscape that considers changes in technology and building and infrastructure requirements, as well as the unknown. The plan has been developed as a flexible strategy to achieve sustainability goals and features, including: innovative stormwater management techniques such as underground and bio-retention areas, native vegetation, reduced maintenance requirements, energy-efficient lighting, high reflectivity paving, as well as employee health and wellness. 

The landscape will become the heart of the campus. It is a dynamic landscape featuring a multitude of spaces designed to foster social interaction, team building, and relaxation. These well-defined spaces are supplemented by an inherently flexible design that will support day-to-day activities as well as special events. The landscape is the organizing web, integrating several new and existing buildings, outdoor spaces, and the complex infrastructure required for a communications campus. Planned to develop in multiple phases over a 20 year time period, a significant aspect of the project has been forecasting future infrastructure and program requirements and coordinating a cost-effective implementation strategy. 
The first phase of development is currently under construction and will set the stage for the remainder of the campus by removing parking stalls and introducing a variety of outdoor spaces.