Shepard Uplands Restoration Project

Client The City of Calgary
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada

The Shepard Uplands Restoration Plan is a wetland compensation project carried out by The City of Calgary Water Resources, in coordination with City of Calgary Parks. The 32-hectare site included an existing Class III seasonal wetland surrounded by cultivated agricultural land. O2 was retained to conduct a biophysical impact assessment and prepare a landscape restoration plan for the site. The information collected in the biophysical impact assessment and landscape restoration plan was used to inform the concept design and landscape construction documents for the project. 

O2 conducted the biophysical impact assessment using a combination of field studies and background information review. Site data and physical observations were used to draw conclusions about the hydrologic regime of the wetland and inform the concept design, which enhances the natural drainage patterns of the site to increase the runoff collection and holding capacity of the existing seasonal wetland without construction disturbance to the wetland itself. Future development of a new SE cemetery was considered in the drainage, and layout of the restoration area, as well as potential opportunities to integrate the facilities at a later date.

Vegetation surveys were used to confirm the native species existing in uncultivated areas and to assess the extent of weed colonization of the site. A weed control plan was developed and a revegetation plan was designed using species native to the upland prairie habitat. O2 is responsible to make inspections during construction and to monitor the site for success of plant establishment following the construction period.