Taylor Family Digital Library + Quad

Client University of Calgary
Location Calgary | Alberta | Canada


The Taylor Family Digital Library represents the future of learning at the University of Calgary. Designed for the 21st century, the Library will house the contemporary learning resources within a functional, dynamic and leading edge space. Adjacent to the new library, a new university campus quad has been designed to support this environment, which will be composed of flexible well defined spaces that will encourage various scales of activities. These spaces will support day-to-day use as well as special events as needed. With its central location, the Quad will become the Heart of the Campus and a symbol of the University and its innovative approach to education, campus life and community outreach. 

Design principles applied to the quad encourages approaches that advance the University’s commitment to sustainable development and is seeking LEED Gold certification. These approaches include high reflective paving to reduce heat island effect, native and adaptive plant species, bioswales and a stormwater pond to reduce and cleanse runoff, increased bicycle storage facilities, LED dark sky compliant light fixtures, and the removal of car traffic.

The Quad’s layout and design responds to the University’s evolving built environment while respecting the existing campus context. Drawing from the distinctive agricultural patterns found throughout Southern Alberta, the underlying paving pattern creates a unique pedestrian-oriented environment for students and visitors. Tree-lined pathways elegantly dissect the Quad, connecting the most important buildings on campus and creating a multitude of spaces for the University and greater community.

Taylor Family Digital Library + Quad (8).jpg

Site Plan