Okotoks Growth
Management Study

Client Town of Okotoks
Location Okotoks | Alberta | Canada

The Town of Okotoks Growth Study and Financial Analysis presents the results of an assessment of land needs for the Town over a 60-year planning horizon to support responsible urban growth within the Town. Although Okotoks has worked to maintain a limited growth model for a population of 30-35,000 through their 1998 Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) and Municipal Development Plan (MDP), this population cap was lifted in September 2012 in response to increased population growth 
in the Calgary region, and greater development pressures in the areas surrounding Okotoks. This change has required that Town develop plans to address new demand through managed growth.

O2 first undertook an opportunities and constraints analysis to distil the design parameters of the study area and understand the market potential for development as well as the feasibility of the burying the transmission lines currently running along 50 Avenue corridor. The analysis resulted in a concept for the future urban structure of the three communities, which informed the fine-scale design of a preferred urban design concept. The concept focused on creating feasible, pedestrian-focused development that emphasized contextually responsive intensification and low impact development opportunities. Supporting the concept, O2 created a series of renderings, axonometric and street cross-sections as well as a City Engine 3D model to support the concept. Throughout the process, O2 consulted with members of the Community Advisory Committee and several city departments to ensure that the plan responded to community desires as well as engineering and servicing considerations.


Study Area