Town of Okotoks Web GIS System

Client Town of Okotoks
Location Town of Okotoks | Alberta | Canada

O2 has developed an enterprise web GIS system for the town of Okotoks. The system was developed using ESRI architecture (ArcGIS Server, Arc Desktop, ArcPad, ArcGIS online), SQL Server database and HTML5 and ESRI JavaScript API. The web application allows county's staff to visualize any of there spatial datasets as well as attribute tables, query data layers based on spatial and non- spatial attributes, print, bookmark and share web maps, ability to switch between base maps, use measurement and graphic drawing tools. 

This project also involved cleaning and consolidation of town's GIS datasets. We developed a data model and then designed, implemented and populated a GIS database with all feature classes and feature tables and their relationships. Database was linked to ArcGIS Server and feature classes were published which were consumed by the web application. The web application was also linked with the town's document management system. This allowed county's staff to search documents for a selected parcel or a selected building using it's GIS attribute directly from the web GIS application. 



Using the approach of rapid prototype we were able to deploy a system within a month at the town's premises. This allowed for better evaluation and understanding of the requirements. Full system was released by Dec 2016 as per the project schedule within budget. Detailed reports and documentation on data integration, system architecture, system design, development and deployment were provided. We also provided regular demos sessions for the usage of the web application to key staff of the town.